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ESG Legislation Unpacked: A Deeper Dive Into South Carolina’s New Bill

“We see little evidence that states which attempt to protect their pension funds from ESG/DEI agendas fare worse financially…”

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by DIANE HARDY *** The Mom and Pop Alliance of South Carolina would like to comment on Nick Lo
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1 comment

Frank February 16, 2024 at 6:02 pm

The Florida economy sucks. Young people want to leave. Insurance and HOA fees are driving seniors out. Housing prices are dropping throughout the state, particularly in retirement communities; and businesses would be a fool to invest there because they never know when Republicans are going to use them for a punching bag, the way they did with Disney, which has canceled millions of dollars in planned expansion. Just another state screwed up by Republicans.

You are doing nothing for small businesses. You are just telling them they are a victim so you can get them to pay you money to defend them. The only thing this has to do with “small business” is how your “small business” makes money.


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