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Guest Column: Amateur Theatrics In Charleston County

“Civil rights” on the skids …

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Many Charleston County, South Carolina residents are excitedly learning that we have a thriving amateur theatrical scene developing on Calhoun Street, courtesy of the Charleston County School Board (“CCSB”). Forget the Dock Street Theatre; leftist activists will treat you to a Broadway-quality performance on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at CCSB headquarters, where local fans of the performing arts are privy to a monthly reenactment of January 6, 2020. Although admission to these “meetings” is free, the few coveted seats in CCSB’s meeting chambers are on a first-come, first-served basis; staff do not honor reservations.

Last Monday, I was privileged to secure front-row seats at the latest iteration of the show, as a cast of local leftist characters portrayed election deniers, insurgents, and aggressive provocateurs. Although Charleston County residents recently voted into office a duly elected school board, Reverend Nelson Rivers, pastor Thomas Dixon and their band of frenzied supporters deployed a heckler’s veto to derail the democratic process, evoking the left’s sandbagging of President Donald Trump with the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax.

Their performance pays tribute to the January 6th “insurrection” and confronts the casual observer with a question as to who the real domestic terrorists are: The mothers trying to protect their children from graphic descriptions of pornography in school or the unhinged political left that openly attempts to stifle productive discussion, shout down opposing viewpoints, and disrupt public meetings to the point of obstructing the proper administration of duly elected government?



Of particular note was the academy-award-worthy, albeit ostentatious, performance of Rivers, the “Q-Anon Shaman” of CCSD meetings. In one uncontrolled moment of obliviousness, Shaman Rivers demanded the audience read the Holy Bible – a book his own political party has spent decades banning from our schools. Spectators looked on with intrigue as Shaman Rivers proceeded to make quite the spectacle of himself. He passionately, but futilely, begged the police to arrest him as he reiterated his fervent devotion to keeping obscene books in our children’s hands.

Theater-lovers and amateur historians alike will be fascinated by Shaman Rivers’ futile bid to make transgender ideology in our schools something analogous to our nation’s civil rights movement. Although Shaman Rivers attempted in vain to convince onlookers his staged removal from the room was a symptom of “oppression,” our tragic hero was shown the exit for reason other than to spare attendees from further childish disruptions.

The Charleston theater aficionado would be hard-pressed to recall a better Greek tragedy being performed in our town. However, fans of Shaman Rivers would be euphoric to note his rendition was so enthralling as to merit an encore, as he was brought back into the room a few minutes later. This is when his lackey, Dixon, presented as the determined “Ray Epps,” the infamous ringleader of January 6th. Thomas was seen whispering in the ears of the otherwise peaceful protestors to “up their game” with a musical performance of “we shall overcome” and other disruptions.

As concerned citizens attempted to show school board members examples of the pornographic content available in our childrens’ school libraries, Dixon led the zombified chorus in a vacuous and irrelevant chant of “No justice, No Peace!”

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Thomas Dixon (Facebook)

The audience was left wishing the tragic heroes of our play had actual civil rights causes to champion, rather than tarnishing the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by defending graphic pornography in school libraries and demanding the teaching of transgender ideology to impressionable young children.

However, their theatrical performance left no doubt in the minds of the audience as to who the real insurrectionists were: those who use intimidation to disrupt public meetings with hecklers vetoes and openly destabilize public bodies in order to usurp public policy. Overall, the show aimed to recreate the antics of the January 6th “insurrection” and the political anxiety of election denial. The act brilliantly succeeded in fostering unease among the audience. Of course, the show didn’t stop there; Dixon and his troupe of unhinged leftist activists clad in green shirts followed patrons back to their vehicles, shouting obscenities, threats, and vulgarities.

Citizens who are not fans of the theatrical arts should be warned: This performance is ill-suited for those who wish to actually participate in their representative government in a respectful and courteous manner. The dangerous environment, coupled with the board’s inability to effectively restore order, had several young mothers and elderly attendees in fear for their safety. The tension was palpable.

I encourage all Charleston County residents to attend the next meeting to witness Shaman Rivers and Thomas “R. Epps” Dixon lead their band of provocateurs in threading their grievances into the larger political context by intimidating women and shouting down opposition. You too can see what Shaman Rivers and Co. come up with next. This same cast of characters will be putting on a show whether anyone shows up or not. We owe it to our children to be in attendance at the next CCSB meeting.

I personally long for the day that my constituents can attend a Charleston County School Board meeting and exercise their First Amendment rights at the podium to express a desire for a change in their child’s bus stop location or perhaps to give feedback about school lunches without having to also be subjected to the tomfoolery of wannabe civil rights activists promoting leftist mental illness in our children’s schools.



Matt Leber represents the citizens of District 116 in the South Carolina House of Representatives.



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JustCallMeAva Top fan December 9, 2023 at 10:13 am

I just wish this guest column was as funny as the writer (and editor of this website) seems to think it is. Also, I wish that an elected member of the SC Legislature hadn’t referenced half-a-dozen conspiracy theories that have been proven to be false in his sad little effort at humor(?). But this is yet another fine example of what happens when you have been indoctrinated by the likes of Fox News–you know, the people who paid almost a BILLION dollars to prevent a trial which would have exposed their lies and propaganda? Beyond all of that, the CCSD Board is highly dysfunctional due to “Moms for Liberty” who dominate its board. The national Moms for Liberty has recently been exposed as an astro-turf organization with billionaire bucks behind it and is led by a cofounder who is part of a throuple with her equally kinky husband, who just happened to be the Chair of the Florida state GOP. And both Roger Stone & Paul Manafort, two of Trump’s closest advisors were also exposed as “swingers” too. While it’s true that the GOP likes to take a hands-on approach in supporting the performing arts, as recently witnessed by the theater-going antics of Lauren Bobert, maybe the GOP should be sweeping up around their own door before finger-pointing at the liberals.

Avatar photo
Michael Covert Top fan December 12, 2023 at 10:05 am

These 2 characters, as explained by Leber, have been starring in their version of “The ShitShow” for some time now. Dixon is unapologetically a supporter of the immoral, all of the while preaching the word. Blasphemic quite honestly. Charleston, you’ve got to do better than these two clowns. It’s the notoriety that you DONT want, or need.
To the last commenter, your assessment of M4L is categorically wrong. Definitely too much CNN and MSNBC my friend. Pay attention to Independent News and Media….that’s where truth happens.


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