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Letter: Prioleau Alexander Is A Disgrace

“Despicable …”

Dear Editor,

Prioleau Alexander is a disgrace to FITSNews! Allowing the article comparing The Third Reich to what Democrats are doing is despicable and you should be ashamed!

Donald Trump began the racist, combative rhetoric which could best be described as Nazi-like. Our entire country was almost deposed due to January 6 and the attempts to undermine a fair election. Where is the description of that incident and the hearings which are by and large Republicans testifying?!! Who are the Nazis there?

I subscribe to FITS because of my interest in the Murdaugh Murders. I almost cancelled it when Will Folks wrote the scathing article calling out educators for encouraging CRT. It was uninformed and wrong. I hope that future articles are screened for facts a bit more carefully. Educators are in short supply and your article placing blame on them did not help! Any book banned is a loss for free journalism!!

It does not reflect well on the accuracy of your Murdaugh Murder information if other topics are so poorly reported. I am saddened by this and hope you will indicate that this article was an opinion by a non-FITS staff member.


Carol Smith



Thank you for your letter, Carol. As a stickler for accuracy, you should probably acknowledge Prioleau slammed BOTH mainstream political parties in his column rather than portray his piece as partisan. Bigger picture: The job of my media outlet is to host a conversation within the marketplace of ideas. In that conversation, all intelligent takes are welcome – whether I agree with them or not.

Thank you for your feedback, though. I hope you will always engage our content – whether it is written by FITS staffers or guest columnists like Prioleau.



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