Nikki Haley’s ‘Twitter Bot’ Targets … Mike Pence?

“He is her mouthpiece … he says what she is thinking.”

Back in January, this news outlet ran a story about Rob Godfrey – who previously served as spokesman to former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. At the time our story was published, Godfrey had gotten mixed up in some sophomoric antics on Twitter following his hiring as a glorified image consultant to embattled University of South Carolina president Robert Caslen.

Basically, Godfrey got busted creating a fake twitter account to troll one of Caslen’s critics … which we found pitiably amusing.

More recently, Godfrey and his crony capitalist buddies at the S.C. Chamber of Commerce have found themselves mixed up in some similarly sophomore antics – albeit at a higher energy level.

But these latest machinations – which revolve around Haley’s rumored involvement in a high-profile S.C. Senate race – pale in comparison to the drama one of Godfrey’s recent tweets has created.

First, let’s have a look at the tweet …

As you can see, Godfrey’s message appears to be mocking U.S. vice president Mike Pence for his longstanding “family rule” about not dining alone with another woman – unless his wife is also present.

We think such a rule is antiquated, ridiculous and indicative of a fundamental lack of trust between a husband and his wife … but it is also none of our business. It is not our place to criticize Pence or his spouse for it. To each their own.

We reserve our criticisms of him (and other politicians) for more substantive issues …

But in light of persistent chatter about Haley replacing Pence on the 2020 GOP ticket, we found the above tweet from her former spokesman … interesting.

“If you ever really want to know who Haley truly supports, look no further than (Godfrey),” one state lawmaker embroiled in the chamber of commerce battle told us, referring to the S.C. chamber board member as a “Nikkibot.”

“He is her mouthpiece,” the lawmaker told us. “Go back and look at his Twitter feed over the years. Anti-Trump. He is saying what she is thinking. Why (the media) don’t pick up on it I will never know.”

Hmmmm …

Haley has had a difficult run of it in 2020 … whether trying to rebrand herself as a fiscal conservative or get her popcorn delivered in a timely manner. And it wasn’t as though she closed out 2019 on a particularly high note, either (see here and here).

Also, we didn’t write on this at the time but Haley was absolutely eviscerated in the aftermath of the George Floyd rioting by Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson – who slammed her for saying that she hoped the situation would become “personal and painful for everyone.”

“You may be wondering. “How am I quote, ‘personally’ responsible for the behavior of a Minneapolis police officer?” Carlson said in a widely watched rant on June 1, 2020. “I’ve never even been to Minneapolis, you may think to yourself. And why is some politician telling me what I’m required to be upset about it? Those are all good questions. Nikki Haley did not answer those questions. Explaining isn’t her strong suit – that would require thinking. What Nikki Haley does best is moral blackmail. During the 2016 campaign, she compared Donald Trump to the racist mass murderer Dylan Roof. How is Donald Trump similar to a serial killer? Nikki Haley never explained that. She wasn’t trying to educate anyone. Her goal was political advantage. Nikki Haley is exceptionally good at getting what she wants. She’s happy to denounce you as a racist in order to get it. She just did.”

Wow …

Carlson wasn’t done (see the 13:20 mark of the clip below).

(Click to view)

(Via: Fox News)

“In this case, Nikki Haley’s wish came true: the riots were indeed quote, ‘personal and painful for everyone,’” he added. “And then the pain kept increasing. Two days (later), dozens of American cities had been thoroughly trashed – some destroyed. A country already on the brink of recession suddenly faced economic collapse. An already fearful population – locked down for months – had been throughly and completely terrorized. Mission accomplished. Let’s hope Nikki Haley is pleased. We’ve atoned.”

If voices on the right are through with Haley … voices in the center have been done with her for some time.

Who can forget the incisive commentary of columnist Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post – who blasted the former ambassador last fall as “a cartoonish fussbudget” who “bought her own myth and sold it cheap.”

Politics at this level sure is “Trikki,” ain’t it?

Haley has a ways to go to ruin her standing as a top 2024 Republican presidential contender. In fact, given her status as a female minority in a world increasingly dominated by identity politics it may be impossible for her to ruin that standing.

And who knows … maybe Trump puts her on the ticket after all?

But Haley is certainly doing her best to squander her limitless national potential … thanks in no small part to “supporters” like Godfrey.




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