Letter: “Cowardly” FITSNews’ Thornblade Coverage Lacks Facts

“If you are looking for headlines, you better have the facts.”


Dear Editor,

First let me offer criticism for jumping on this story with such a rush that you failed to get your stories confirmed. You have no credibility as true journalist and your cowardly approach to first getting the headlines out and then you try to get the facts just does not serve your best interests.

As a member of Thornblade Club for 25 years and a resident of Thornblade for 23 years, you need to understand that the two are only connected by the use of the name Thornblade. Thornblade Club and Thornblade Property Owners. Each has it’s own board, the financials are separate, the officers are separate, they are two separate entities.

Over 50 percent of the residents of Thornblade are not members of Thornblade Club. Two areas already have been addressed; changes in the accounting procedures and five members of the board of directors being voted off by 78 percent of the membership to be removed from their elected position effective immediately.

The club is a family-based organization serving mostly the Eastside of Greenville. The assessment is not something that puts real a hardship on the individual members. The $450,000 are invoices for which the goods or services were received however the payments were never issued. This is a case of pure stupidity with the former general manager, the former chief financial officer and the former board of directors.

As far as the sex ring, none of my friends know anything about this. If you are looking for headlines, you better have the facts.

Kindest regards,

Sam Moss
Greenville, S.C.



Thank you for your feedback. Our microphone is always open to you and anyone looking to weigh in on our coverage. FITSNews’ reporting has previously distinguished between the club and the neighborhood, recently noting that “not every resident of Thornblade is a member of the club – nor is every member of the club a resident of Thornblade.” But the point bears repeating, and I appreciate you reiterating the delineation for our readers.

Also, thank you for providing further confirmation of our exclusive reporting regarding the financial issues at the club – which have since been covered by other mainstream media outlets. And thank you for letting us know that the $2,000 assessment is no hardship for you and your fellow members. I am sure we will all sleep better tonight knowing that.

As to the “rest of the story,” we shall see how it all unfolds. In the meantime, I will continue to trust my network of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, attorneys, private investigators and others with direct knowledge of these happenings. You, of course, are welcome to continue relying on your friends.

Reciprocating your previously expressed kind regards with those of my own,



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