University Of South Carolina-Aiken’s Campus Rag Is Racy, Revealing And Uber-Liberal

The future of student journalism, ladies and gentlemen …

We were tipped off the other day to a rather revealing student newsletter originating on the campus of the University of South Carolina-Aiken, one several satellite systems orbiting around the so-called “flagship” institution of higher learning in the Palmetto State.

The story we were originally sent came from last week’s editions of Pacer Times, which bills itself as being “for the students, by the students” of USC-Aiken – which boasts an enrollment of around 3,500 and is located in Aiken, S.C.

The focus of the story? Sex toys …

“Studies have shown that many women have difficulty reaching orgasm with penetration alone,” Emma Watts, author of Pacer Pillowtalk noted in her report. “Generally, many women surveyed said that clitoral stimulation made it easier to reach orgasm or made their orgasms better and vibrators or other toys are very effective for many women to that end.”

Well … yeah


“Using toys is nothing to be ashamed of, and using them with partners can make a good time even better,” Watts continued.

Again, no argument from us …

Watts went on to caution sex toy users about the types of products they should select, though, urging them to do their research “about what kinds of materials went into the making of something you may put inside or very near to your genitals.”

Again … sage advice.

Still, though … what is this doing in a student newspaper at a government-subsidized institution?

Another Pacer Times column published just today – entitled “A Love Letter To My Black Husband” – offers some less steamy (but similarly curious) insights.

“I promise to love you in every way possible,” its white author Cecilia Maddox wrote to an unnamed recipient. “I will continue to learn and grow, recognizing my internalized biases and questioning the dangerous stereotypes that were ingrained in my worldview from a young age.”

Wait … this is a love letter?

“As a human, I will shout ‘black lives matter’ from the top of every mountain you face,” Maddox continued, adding that “being aware of the challenges you face isn’t enough … in order to love you in the way that you deserve, I have to use my privilege and power to benefit you.”

Of course Maddox doesn’t appear to have much power within the relationship …

“I will not speak over you when you educate me,” she wrote.

Yikes …

Maybe this is where the sex toys come in? Hmmm …

(Click to view)

(Via: USC-Aiken)

To be clear: We are not saying college students shouldn’t be exposed to (or could not handle) some sex education on the subject of vibrators, although we thought the concept behind such toys was fairly easy to, um … grasp.

Similarly, we are not knocking Maddox for celebrating interracial marriage – which we believe is absolutely beautiful (not unlike intra-racial marriage). Our beef is with her nauseating political correctness and 1950s-era submissiveness.

And her ignorance when it comes to the fundamental realization that all lives matter.

Look, speech is free … and considering our founding editor cut his teeth as a sports columnist at a government-funded university rag, we have a special appreciation for these publications and their ability to push the envelope.

Having said that, a paper that dispenses daily group hugs to the prevailing liberal herdthink (which is Pacer Times’ apparent editorial philosophy) is not “pushing envelopes,” it is embracing conformity. Predictability. Tedium. Incuriosity.

And worst of all, submission …

Either way, our guess is Pacer News is about to draw some scrutiny from state lawmakers in the weeks ahead as they take up budgets for the Palmetto State’s various institutions of higher learning. We will keep our readers apprised in the event we hear of anything related to that process.

Once again, we would reiterate our view that institutions of higher learning in the Palmetto State (and beyond) should be set free to pursue their destinies in the private sector – forgoing direct appropriations, government grants or taxpayer-guaranteed student loans.




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