FITSNews Insulted Myrtle Beach Readers With Food Bank Article

“You get more bees with honey …”


Dear Editor,

Recently moved to Myrtle Beach and the state where I come from I volunteered at food banks as well as animal shelters. When I saw the headline of your article I was immediately struck and thought I could do something. However, instead of your article inspiring any level of giving or goodwill I found it bothered me and once again I see that whoever wrote this article felt it necessary to drag politics into it and make the empty shelves of food banks an insult rather than an inspiration. 

Coming from somebody who was extremely involved in their previous state of residence I was ready to load up boxes from the grocery store and my friendly neighbors and get down to that food bank today until I read your article.

You get more bees with honey than vinegar is a term used by many … perhaps your writer (clearly not a journalist) should embody. 

Inspirational speeches, writers, persons are found in many corners of the world … I hope your web page attempts to find a few. 

-Kimberly M.



Let me see if I’ve got this straight: 1) My news outlet ran an article about a depleted food bank in your area, 2) you took umbrage to the tone of said article, and 3) Having taken said umbrage, you abandoned your previously conceived plans to help those in need who benefit from this food bank.

Tell you what … while we Google a few “inspirational speeches” for future articles, why don’t you do a search of your own heart and reconsider penalizing dirt poor people in your area over the “tone” of a story that they had absolutely nothing to do with.


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