Upstate SC Police Sex Scandal: Dirty Details

Crazy kink …

This news outlet exclusively reported last week on a mushrooming sex scandal involving the Mauldin, South Carolina police department.

Mainstream media is now all over this story, although in addition to refusing to cite our work they have done their best to call into question our reporting.

Ripping us while ripping us off, it would appear …

Oh well. Like we said, “there are enough clicks for everybody.” Especially when people start sharing some of the graphic details contained in this post.

First, though, a recapitulation: As of this writing, up to a dozen individuals have been implicated in connection with an alleged on-duty sex ring starring multiple sworn law enforcement officers and police department staffers who allegedly engaged in sex acts with multiple partners on city property.

“It was the worst kept secret in Mauldin for months if not years,” one of our sources said.

At least three members of the Mauldin fire department were also allegedly involved in the ring.

The secret finally spilled out earlier this year when an anonymous letter was sent to Mauldin police chief Bryan Turner. That letter demanded an investigation into the ring, which according to our sources began to break apart earlier this year when certain members began to develop jealousies and allegedly started issuing threats against other members.

What happened at that point is not clear, although it appears as though efforts were undertaken to try and sweep the scandal under the rug. These efforts included allowing law enforcement officers to resign as part of “routine separations” when they should have been fired.

We have yet to determine exactly who bears culpability for the attempted cover-up, but we are continuing to investigate.

Speaking of investigations, last week this news outlet called on the city of Mauldin, S.C. to request a formal inquiry into the sex ring by the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

So far, that has not happened – although city officials have indicated that they will be asking SLED to conduct an investigation across multiple city departments.

The sooner that happens the better, in our view …


In the meantime, this news outlet has obtained a plethora of details related to the nature of the sex acts allegedly performed by those individuals involved in the ring. And our sources were once again absolutely correct, as “kinky” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Specifically, one of the female police staffers is alleged to have repeatedly left her work station while on duty “to go have sex with police officers on the desk in the police department supervisor’s office.”

“Then she would return and tell her (co-worker) all the details of those sexual encounters,” our source added.

A female member of the ring “would also leave (work) during her shift to go on ‘ride alongs’ with police officers and return saying she couldn’t sit down because her thighs were too sore.”

Some of those details may have been captured on camera …

“Several of the parties involved were not shy when it came to publicly bragging about their conquests,” one source told us. “Pictures were being shared, thumb drives had been found containing nude pictures of dispatchers and officers together.”

What sort of pictures?

One of the women involved in the ring allegedly “had a dildo she kept at the police department to use during sexual encounters with officers on duty to anally penetrate and stimulate the male officers.”

Whoa …

Also, a male officer involved in the ring “reportedly requested she use the dildo as a blunt force weapon to inflict pain upon his testicles during their sexual encounters.”

Yet another male officer reportedly insisted that he “only be referred to as master during his sexual encounters.”

Can’t wait to read the report on this one, right?

As we have noted throughout this scandal, our news outlet tends to be far more understanding than the mainstream media when it comes to such consensual kink, however “our socially liberal views regarding promiscuity in the workplace do not extend to law enforcement officers who are on the clock (and on government property).”

“What officers choose to do with other consenting adults on their own time and in the privacy of their homes is none of our business, but when they clock in and come to work their job is to protect and serve – not sexually service each other,” we noted.

Stay tuned … this news outlet will continue to provide our readers with the latest on the Mauldin sex scandal as new information becomes available.



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