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When they trace the decline of western civilization, it might be a good idea to plot Scotland County, Missouri circa 2017 on the map.  That’s where (and when) a government-run high school class received “a jaw-dropping assignment full of sexually suggestive language,” according to Todd Starnes.

The assignment revolved around a hypothetical 34-year-old woman named “Prudence” who according to an eleventh grade teacher at the local public high school “has had sex with twenty-one men and three women.”

Wait … what?

“After being celibate for three years she meets Larry and a romance begins to develop,” the question continues.  “One night he proposes that, things going the way he thinks they’re going between them, they talk about their sexual histories.”

At that point “Prudence” lies – throwing out a low number – while Larry balks at the number as being too high.

Where is all of this going?

“Given Prudence’s reflexive need for approval and Larry’s clear ideas of how things should be, what percentage of time will Prudence be inhibited in bed with Larry, and consequently fake orgasm to ease his pride?” the question asks.

Ummmm …

No really, this is not a joke …

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(Via Todd Starnes)

Crazy, right?

Not surprisingly, parents who discovered this salacious question were pissed – and reached out to the school for an explanation.  Unfortunately, the school’s principal responded by giving them “a bit of a run-around.”

“He told me that this teacher was originally a college teacher and he sometimes has trouble differentiating between what is appropriate for a 15 or 16-year-old and a 19 or 20-year-old,” one parent told Starnes.

When Starnes called the district himself, the local superintendent responded that “the assignment was not part of any approved curriculum” and promised that “appropriate action” had been taken with the teacher.


This website has never been one to wax sanctimoniously on moralistic grounds or indulge the reflexive angst of easily agitated social conservatives.  But this sort of content is clearly unacceptable for high school students – and should have never wound up in their assignment books.

It’s also more than a little disturbing to see this sort of thing going down in the heart of the American Heartland – where one might think the onrushing liberal indoctrination was still being held somewhat in check.

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