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Alan Wilson’s Spokeswoman Departs




S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson‘s spokesperson is leaving her job at the agency.

Hayley Thrift Bledsoe – one of three young political operatives referred to within the agency as the “College Republicans” – is reportedly stepping down because her husband has received a job offer in Greenville, S.C.

That’s fortuitous timing given the political tempest in which Bledsoe’s boss currently finds himself.

“This isn’t related to the probe,” a source familiar with Bledsoe’s departure told us, referring to an ongoing investigation into corruption in state government that has targeted Wilson’s longtime political advisor, Richard Quinn.

Wilson attempted to obstruct this investigation – unsuccessfully – and may have some exposure related to it himself.

Whatever the case, Bledsoe is the third of the three “Young Republicans” to leave Wilson’s office –  following former political advisor Adam Piper and GOP operative Matt Orr.

“I’ve seen more loyalty from mafia snitches,” one source close to the office told us.

Damn … that’s cold.

The source added that we shouldn’t be so fast to accept the “move along, nothing to see here” explanation.

“If Alan’s future … weren’t cloudy (to put it charitably), wild horses couldn’t have dragged her out of that office,” they told us. “Her departure is telling.”

Hmmm …

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