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According to new data (.pdf) from the U.S. Department of Treasury, 5,411 individuals either renounced their American citizenship or terminated their long-term residency in the United States during 2016.

Is that a record? Yes.

In fact, it shattered the previous record of 4,279 expatriates set in 2015 and represented a 58 percent increase over the 2014 total, according to the International Tax Blog.

Here’s their chart …

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(Via International Tax Blog)

Our friends at the website Zero Hedge pinned the blame for this surge squarely on the shoulders of former U.S. president Barack Obama – who clearly provided plenty of incentive for hard-working people to leave the country.

“Obama warned everyone back in 2009 that ‘elections have consequences,'” the website wrote. ¬†“Now, eight years later, we learn that apparently the ‘consequences’ of running around the country for nearly a decade threatening to raise taxes, ‘spread the wealth around’ and pursue any number of other socialist policies are a record number of people renouncing their U.S. citizenship.”

LOL. ¬†Spread the wealth around …

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