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SC Democrats Shedding “Jefferson-Jackson” Connection




Apparently booting Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill wasn’t enough … the Gods of political correctness are demanding additional sacrifices.

Accordingly, Democrats in South Carolina are in the process of rebranding the party’s annual fundraising dinner – shedding the names of Jackson and former U.S. president Thomas Jefferson.

“Though Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson did play integral roles in the institutional development of the Democratic Party, our Executive Committee members … decided that our annual dinner should be a reflection of the modern Democratic Party.”

Oh Lord …

The party’s 2016 dinner – scheduled for next month – will still bear the Jefferson-Jackson name, but after that the event will be rechristened based on suggestions from local Democratic leaders that “more accurately reflects the ideals of our party.”

Jeez … we can’t wait to see THAT list …

Of course the party did declare its ongoing commitment to embodying “the truth proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence” (which Jefferson authored).