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SC Religious Colleges Appeal To Nikki Haley




The leaders of several faith-based colleges in South Carolina are appealing to governor Nikki Haley, asking her to “stand against any attempt … to infringe on religious freedom, and … to use [her] platform as Governor to promote religious freedom.”

The leaders cited a California bill – S. 1146 – which they claim would “deny college students the ability to participate in state grant programs if institutions were found in violation of state gender identity policies.”

Oh Lord … here we go again with the bathroom bill!

Anyway, “participation in state grant programs” shouldn’t be an issue for any of these schools because government should have no role whatsoever in higher education – especially not in a state where there are so many “over-educated” people.

In fact, we have consistently called upon state leaders to privatize the entire system … which continues to receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars each year.

More importantly, though, why are these leaders reaching out to Haley on this subject?

Didn’t they get the memo?

Anyway, the bill was signed by the leaders of Charleston Southern University, Bob Jones University, Columbia International University, Southern Wesleyan University, Erskine College and Seminary, Anderson University and North Greenville University.

And yes, we’ll go ahead and provide this link for some background on Bob Jones’ “standing” with regard to this issue.