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Taxpayer-Funded Group Pushes Interstate 73




Last week we reported exclusively on the corrupt S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT)’s ongoing lobbying efforts in support of the Interstate 73 project.

Looks like the SCDOT commission’s efforts were part of a much bigger campaign …

Over the weekend, we received multiple reports that the taxpayer-subsidized Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC) had launched its own campaign in support of this multi-billion-dollar boondoggle.

In fact we’ve been forwarded several images from the MBACC’s latest mailing campaign in support of this project.

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

interstate 73 001

interstate 73 002

interstate 73 003

(Pics provided)

Obviously this is a statewide (perhaps even multi-state) campaign in support of this project – complete with pre-written propaganda letters and pre-addressed stamped envelopes to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“We need to actively comment on the construction of I-73,” the organization stated on its website.

While the MBACC uses tax dollars to advance its agenda, the citizens paying those taxes are speaking out against this wasteful road.

Good for them …

This website has consistently argued against the construction of this project – arguing that the traffic issues it purports to “resolve” could be dealt with for a fraction of the cost.  We’ve also argued that there are far more pressing infrastructure needs in the Palmetto State (on Interstate 85 and Interstate 95, for example) – well, assuming the SCDOT can ever figure out how to conduct the road maintenance its leaders have been howling about.

(Umm … ahem).