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Jeff Duncan: America Is “Caught In A Dangerous Cycle”




|| By JEFF DUNCAN || My prayers go out to the families of the Dallas shooting victims and the entire Dallas Police Department after this unspeakable tragedy.

The events that have transpired over the past few days weigh deeply on my heart, as they do on the hearts of every American. Over the past decade, divisions along racial, economic, political, ideological, and even regional lines have grown and become more pronounced. There is an endless number of theories to explain why these rifts are growing in our society. Much analysis and, unfortunately, over analysis will be made of this situation, but now is not the time for speculation while the facts are still being investigated.

What I do know for certain is that what we need most now is prayer, reflection, great empathy, and strong leadership.

I fear that we are caught in a dangerous cycle where trust in public institutions is deteriorating faster than confidence can be restored.  I fear that a lack of trust in justice, general fairness, the rule of law, and equal opportunity makes it far easier for some to justify acts of violence.

Violence is never the answer, especially when it is directed at law enforcement.  An attack on law enforcement is an attack on every institution in American society. It is an attack on the freedoms that we cherish and that law enforcement strives to defend to the best of their abilities every day. The men and women of our local police who constantly put their lives at risk to protect others deserve our unwavering support, respect, and utmost appreciation.

To move forward and begin to heal, we need true leadership -something that I feel our country has been deeply missing.

Jeff Duncan represents South Carolina’s third congressional district in the United States Congress.