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The Mystery Midlands Solicitor’s Candidate




We haven’t talked much about Larry Wedekind, a candidate seeking the eleventh circuit solicitor’s seat being vacated by disgraced prosecutor Donnie Myers.

Wedekind will be featured in an upcoming mainstream media article next week, just like his two opponents, Candice Lively and Myers’ former second-in-command, Rick Hubbard.

This website has been supportive of Lively’s candidacy … if for no other reason than our founding editor, who lives in the eleventh circuit, fancies himself on the receiving end of a “no-knock raid” from the attractive prosecutor.

According to his website, Wedekind has worked for the eleventh circuit for ten years. He also claims to have extensive military experience.  Wedekind’s website was a little light on information, but we are glad that he is running to give the voters of the eleventh circuit a choice.

For our tastes, Wedekind is still a little too close to the good ol’ boy cronyism that has run rampant in Lexington County for years – a.k.a. the “Lexington Ring,” a cabal of corrupt politicians and crooked cops accused of running all manner of illegal enterprises in the Midlands region of the state.

Having said that, we do believe he would make a better public servant that Hubbard – the choice of the good ol’ boy establishment (and the trial lawyers eager to continue seeing their cases dismissed).

Sources familiar with the status of the race tell us the “Ring” is concerned that Hubbard is not catching with the grassroots voters (frankly that doesn’t surprise us seeing as he looks a lot like a cadaver).

We’re also told these powerful interests are looking to get him “out of the race” – and may approach him soon with an “offer.”

Hmmmm …

We’ll obviously continue to keep a close eye on this race.  In fact look for a report in the coming days on the status of the eleventh circuit office under Hubbard’s “leadership.”  We suspect it will be a revealing read.