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Darlington County Deputies Accused Of Taxpayer-Funded Campaigning




To be clear: We don’t care who wins the Democratic primary election for sheriff of Darlington County, S.C.  We don’t live there, nor do we plan to live there.  Seriously … we don’t even drive through Darlington County on our way to the beach anymore.

The incumbent – Wayne Byrd – has obviously had some issues in the past (ahem), but the upcoming primary pitting him against challenger Tony Chavis is truly none of our concern.

However those who do care about the outcome of this race have told us there is corruption aplenty transpiring in this dirt poor rural county.  Specifically, we’re told Byrd is using government resources to conduct his campaign – which is obviously a major ethical “no-no.”

In fact we were recently provided with several videos purporting to show employees of the Darlington County sheriff’s office conducting campaign business on taxpayer time – using taxpayer resources.

The videos purport to show Darlington County sheriff’s deputies participating in a shopping trip to the local Sam’s Club in advance of Byrd’s recent “fish fry” in Lamar, S.C.

Here’s a clip of a uniformed officer doing some shopping …

(Click to play)

And here’s clip of the same officer (said to be captain Joyce Everett) in the parking lot of the establishment …

(Click to play)

Here’s a clip in which another one of Byrd’s employees (said to be captain Eric Hodges) awaits his ride …

(Click to play)

And here’s a clip in which an unmarked Darlington County sheriff’s vehicle departs a campaign site …

(Click to play)

According to our sources, Byrd’s employees never dropped off their Sam’s Club purchases at his campaign event.

“They caught on to the (person) following them and left the campaign site – putting them in a different vehicle for delivery,” one source told us.

Developing …

UPDATE: Deputies fired.