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SC Revenue Department Won’t Authorize “Penny Tax” Payments




The S.C. Department of Revenue (SCDOR) is refusing to authorize additional “penny tax” payments to Richland County, sources familiar with the agency’s decision tell us.

SCDOR notified the county of its intentions via a letter from agency director Rick Reames, who has led an investigation into Richland County’s improper use of proceeds from the tax hike – which was approved via a rigged election in 2012.

Reames hasn’t targeted the election itself, he’s simply followed the money … and his investigation has already produced arrests.

Earlier this year he delivered the county an ultimatum: Bring its spending in line with state law … or face the consequences.

Richland County chose to continue spending money illegally, forcing Reames’ hand.

SCDOR’s decision to withhold these payments confirms our prior reporting that a hammer blow was about to fall on the county.  It also comes a day after reporter Ron Aiken of The (Columbia, S.C.) Nerve reported that the graft exposed by Reames’ investigation was indeed ongoing.

Will Richland County straighten up and fly right now that Reames has slammed its stolen cookie jar shut?

No …

In fact the county has six lawyers (two full-time government attorneys and four outside counselors) ready to wage non-stop war against SCDOR.