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SC Democratic Operatives Opening New Firm




Two up-and-coming Democratic political operatives are opening a new consulting firm together … which would seem to be a difficult business model in “Republican-controlled” South Carolina.

Democrats are a perpetual minority party in the Palmetto State, occupying 18 out of 46 seats in the State Senate and 47 out of 124 seats in the S.C. House of Representatives.  Democrats also hold zero out of nine statewide offices, zero out of two U.S. Senate seats and one out of seven seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ouch, right?

Not really …

Several powerful “Republicans” – including Senate leader Hugh Leatherman and education superintendent Molly Spearman – are hardcore liberals who might as well be Democrats.  Broad swaths of rank-and-file “Republicans” are also exceedingly liberal on fiscal issues … and don’t get us started on so-called “Tea Party” governor Nikki Haley.  The second-term establishment GOP governor has wielded a nonexistent veto pen empowering virtually every penny of the wasteful, unnecessary spending we’ve seen in the Palmetto State in recent years.

Anyway …

The two consultants – Tyler Jones and Morgan Allison – will unveil their new business this week.  It’s called SPEAK Strategic and it will feature offices in Columbia and Charleston, S.C.

(Visit their website here).

We wish them luck …

Jones and Allison are both experienced, energetic young politicos who have impressed us with their talent, work ethic and trustworthiness.  Our guess is theirs will be a successful endeavor … even if it’s unlikely to make immediate inroads in the “Republican” behemoth.