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More SC “Republican” Delegate Shenanigans




Another day, another story of South Carolina “Republican” insiders working to undercut frontrunner Donald Trump in the battle for “First in the South” delegates he’s already technically won …

We’ve previously reported on alleged “necktie bribes” offered by a sitting state lawmaker in the Palmetto State’s seventh congressional district, but today’s story comes from the fourth congressional district – where an operative allegedly in the employ of the S.C. “Republican” party was busted passing out flyers purportedly on behalf of the Trump campaign.

These flyers identified a so-called slate of Trump delegates in the hopes party loyalists attending the convention would cast their votes for other candidates.

Here’s a look at one of the flyers …

(Click to enlarge)

trump flyer

(Pic provided)

And here’s a look at the operative accused of handing them out …

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gop operative

(Pic provided)

Yeah … that’s obviously no Trump supporter.

“He is a stooge of Matt Moore,” the husband of one convention attendee posted on social media.

Moore, the SCGOP chairman, is currently under fire for his perceived allegiance to the national “Republican” establishment … which is working overtime to deny Trump the nomination.

Moore did not immediately respond to our request for comment regarding his connections to the activist, college student Benjamin Becker.

Becker didn’t immediately respond, either.

Trump won all fifty of South Carolina’s 2016 delegates via his decisive double-digit victory in February’s “First in the South” presidential primary election.  However, these delegates are only bound to him on the first ballot at this summer’s GOP convention, and Trump’s establishment rivals are working overtime to ensure that anti-Trump “Republicans” fill these coveted slots.

So far they are succeeding …