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Alan Wilson Removes David Pascoe From State House Probe




S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson has removed the state’s first circuit solicitor from an investigation into corruption among members of the S.C. General Assembly – evidencing a shocking contempt for the public trust as well as a sudden reversal of the trust he recently placed in this prosecutor.

Wilson’s move is also of dubious legality seeing as he has previously recused himself from the State House investigation due to several undisclosed conflicts of interest.

How can he now remove the prosecutor he handed the case to?

“Don’t see how he has the authority to remove the special prosecutor after he abdicated his authority by appointing a special prosecutor,” a source close to the case told us.

Nonetheless, Wilson removed solicitor David Pascoe on Monday for what he claimed was an “obvious abuse of power” in the ongoing investigation of state lawmakers.  News of Pascoe’s dismissal came just hours after it was revealed that Wilson had obstructed the empaneling of a grand jury that seemed likely to indict several sitting members of the S.C. General Assembly.

Among the lawmakers reportedly under the probe’s microscope?  Those in Wilson’s immediate political orbit (a.k.a. the political stable of neo-Confederate consultant Richard Quinn).

Wilson recused himself from this joint federal-state probe last summer, but four months ago his office quietly released an advisory opinion (obtained exclusively by this website) in which he advised Pascoe that several angles of potential prosecution against sitting members of the S.C. General Assembly were unlikely to yield indictments.

That move finally began to draw the mainstream media’s attention to Wilson’s treachery.

This website praised Wilson’s early work on the anti-corruption front, but around this time last year we began to notice a curious lack of forward motion in “the probe.”

Accordingly, we criticized Wilson for donning the “white hat” – but then failing to follow through.

“When Wilson put (the white hat) on, he created an expectation,” we wrote.  “And by vowing to take on the system behind the corrupt politicians, he upped the ante.  He branded himself as a modern-day Eliot Ness – and reaped the benefits of that image in the press.”

Now he’s actively enabling corruption … which is why we are calling on him to either resign his office or be removed.