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Corrupt SC Attorney General Must Resign




“This is really about the public – and the public’s trust in government.  And it’s just not there anymore.”

That was S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson … in an exclusive interview with this website roughly two years ago.

Today, we’re throwing his words right back at him, because it has become abundantly clear that the one-time crusader against public corruption has become Public Enemy No. 1 in the Palmetto State.

The white hat Wilson once wore?  It’s faded to black.

We knew something was wrong last summer when Wilson recused himself from the ongoing probe of public corruption at the S.C. State House – citing undisclosed conflicts of interest.  Of course Wilson didn’t stay “recused” for long.  Last December he quietly released an advisory opinion (obtained exclusively by this website) seeking to sidetrack the investigation of David Pascoe – the S.C. first circuit solicitor who took over for Wilson in 2014 and secured the indictment of former S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell on six ethics charges.

Wilson’s effort to undercut Pascoe in December finally got people’s attention …

But now he isn’t just undercutting the special prosecutor … he’s obstructing the investigation.  And removing Pascoe from the case.

“Thuggery,” one of our readers noted.

We concur …

“You know those stories you hear about a crime being committed – like a woman stabbed in the street and people are watching from the windows of their cars or walking by but no one does anything?  And no one even calls the police?  Those stories that kinda make you lose faith?” the source added. “I feel like that is what is happening.”

Again, we concur … and so do those intimately involved in this investigation.

“He needs to be totally powerlessness in this,” one of the witnesses in the case told us, referring to Wilson.

Meanwhile a prosecutor in Wilson’s own office had an even blunter assessment of the situation.

“He recused himself from this case for precisely the lack of objectivity he is now demonstrating on behalf of his political allies,” the prosecutor told us.

That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

Pascoe and investigators at the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) have argued for the empaneling of a grand jury to issue additional indictments in the “probe” –  which was exclusively unearthed by this website back in the fall of 2014.

Wilson has blocked those efforts and booted Pascoe from the case – and he’s done so before the S.C. Supreme Court could hold a hearing on Pascoe’s effort to impanel the grand jury over Wilson’s objections.

This is nothing short of a constitutional crisis, people … a major erosion of the public trust in our state.

It would have been bad enough had Wilson simply dropped the ball … or refused to do his job (which appears to be an ongoing problem in his office).  That would be cause for voting him out of office in 2018.

But this?

Wilson is no longer committing sins of omission … he is actively committing what looks like a textbook case of obstruction of justice – abusing the power of his office in an effort to shut down an investigation that’s swirling around his closest political confidants (a.k.a. the political stable of neo-Confederate consultant Richard Quinn).

Wilson must resign.  Or be removed from office.

Now …

In fact thuggery like this is exactly why we need the ability to recall our elected officials from office.