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"Republican" SC House Poll Ruffles Presidential Feathers




South Carolina supporters of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida are livid after a poll commissioned by the S.C. House “Republican” Caucus showed their candidates faring worse than expected among the “First in the South” GOP electorate.

The poll also showed former Florida governor Jeb Bush faring better than expected – in third place.  No other survey has Bush polling anywhere other than fourth place.

Bush has been endorsed by S.C. House “majority” leader Bruce Bannister – titular head of the organization which released the poll.

That has backers of Cruz and Rubio furious – and questioning the validity of the results.

Donald Trump is the runaway leader in the survey, receiving the support of 34.5 percent of likely primary voters.  That’s consistent with other polling released in recent days.

In second place?  Cruz – albeit at 15.5 percent, which is roughly five points lower than he’s been polling in other surveys.

Bush gets thirteen percent, followed by Rubio (12.5 percent), Ohio governor John Kasich (8.5 percent) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (5 percent).

Eleven percent of those polled indicated they were undecided.

Backers of Rubio weren’t buying the results – with one going so far as to call the poll “dirty” and “underhanded.”

“Every internal and public poll I’ve seen shows Rubio ahead of Bush by 5-10 points,” the operative said.  “The the GOP House Caucus poll today shows him losing to Bush by half a point?”

The S.C. House “Republican” Caucus surveyed 1,200 “likely Republican presidential primary voters” – a large sample – between February 11 and 12.  No margin of error was provided for the results.

The Caucus announced it would be providing “updated results each day next week,” so we expect plenty of additional feather-ruffling in the days to come.