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Ted Cruz’s Grassroots Are Ready To Roll




We wrote a column back in January arguing that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz – then polling in single digits – had a clear path to victory in the South Carolina “Republican” presidential primary.

At the time, the same was true of U.S. Senator Rand Paul … the other candidate in the race we liked.

The race was wide open back then … P.T. (a.ka. “Pre-Trump”).

Today, with the voting two months away, Donald Trump is the dominant force in the race.  Paul’s campaign? It’s effectively done … whereas Cruz is the man on the move.

We wrote recently on Cruz’s sophisticated microtargeting efforts, but from the looks of it he appears to be engaging in some good old fashioned grassroots as well.

Take a look at all those boxes …

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ted cruz

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We spoke to a national reporter earlier this month who boldly predicted Cruz would be the eventual winner of the GOP nomination.  In fact they used a nifty ice hockey metaphor to explain why.

“Everyone else is skating to the puck,” the reporter told us. “Cruz is skating to where the puck is going to be.”

Nice.  In fact if we recall correctly, that was the stated modus operandi of the greatest hockey player of all-time – Wayne Gretzky.

Will it prove prescient?

We shall see …