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Letter: Trouble In Piedmont SC



Dear Editor,

Police have been called to Roy Court in Piedmont, S.C. time and time again. Kids there are living in a condemned house.  (S.C. Department of Social Services) and police have been called but nothing has been done.  Residents are shooting guns at all hours of the night, dogs are running loose (that try to bite everyone at this trailer park).  They are cooking meth, burning fires at night, cars are coming in and out all night – it is amazing no one has a record of this, as I have sent pictures to every one.

Police come but before they get here – they are gone.  Police never come to me or the elderly that live here to ask us what is going on – or even to find out if we are alright.

One day something bad is going to happen.

Piedmont, S.C.


will folks david asiamah

Anon: Hopefully the publication of this letter will alert SCDSS and local and state law enforcement to the situation in which these children currently find themselves.  Piedmont has obviously come a long way since serving as the backdrop for “The Birth of a Nation,” hasn’t it?  Wait … don’t answer that.   

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