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Letter: Myrtle Beach SC “Under The Gun”



Dear Editor,

Myrtle Beach is “Under the Gun” again.

I really appreciate your website. It really does give much needed insight and background into events glossed over or not even covered by the MSM. Keep up the good work.

I know a lot of your readers, like me, are from the Grand Strand area and we rely on you and Paul Gable and David Hucks to provide us with insights into local political and police shenanigans as the “Un-News” as been effectively castrated.

There is another “cover up” in Myrtle Beach that is only being addressed by independent bloggers.  I hope you will post, follow, comment on, or investigate this story on your site.

Here are two links to the story:

Cover Up? Cries For Help Result In Myrtle Beach Shootout (

Bond Granted For Local Businessman Charged With Attempted Murder (

Socastee, S.C.


sic speaking

Anon: Thank you for bringing this to FITS’ attention.  We did a post recently on allegations of manipulated crime data in Myrtle Beach.  Sounds like something we need to keep following.