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Thad Viers Turns Himself In …




Former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers signed off from social media as he prepared to turn himself into federal authorities this week – encouraging supporters to contact his girlfriend, Alexis Hudson.

The one-time frontrunner for a U.S. congressional seat was sentenced to three years in federal prison this week on a money laundering charge.

He will surrender to U.S. Marshals today …

“Thank you to all – especially my Mom whom I love and want her to know it’s going to be okay and my Alexis, who while still refusing to marry me, still has a creative sense of humor-see wine pic below,” Viers wrote on his Facebook page.

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(Via Facebook)

“Needless to say, I’m going on a deployment for an extended time and will be temporarily unavailable on Facebook,” Viers added.  “Message Alexis for further info.”

Viers served nearly a decade in the S.C. House of Representatives beginning in 2003.  He resigned his seat in March of 2012 prior to being indicted on harassment charges related to his toxic relationship with Candace Bessinger – the granddaughter of South Carolina barbecue magnate Maurice Bessinger.  He later pleaded guilty to those charges and served sixty days in jail.

Prior to that, in 2006, Viers pleaded “no contest” to threatening a Columbia, S.C. man who was romantically involved with his first wife.

At the time the harassment charges became public knowledge, Viers was a leading candidate for the South Carolina seventh congressional district seat – and had received the endorsement of S.C. governor Nikki Haley in his campaign.  He has been romantically linked in the past to numerous Palmetto luminaries – including Haley and Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis.