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Big Labor Bails On Hillary Clinton




One of the enduring truisms of American politics has been that Big Labor loves receiving the warm embrace of the Democratic establishment.  Of course U.S. president Barack Obama‘s ill-conceived crony capitalist trade push (a.k.a. “Obamatrade“) has thrown that relationship into disarray.

Unions don’t like crony capitalism.  Nor do they like the politicians who embrace it.

So it wasn’t surprising to learn that Teamsters leaders voted unanimously in Charleston, S.C. this week not to endorse the presidential candidacy of weakened Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Also of interest?  The snub of Clinton was accompanied by a request to meet with current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

What gives?

There’s a fundamental recalibration of political allegiances taking place in this country … with potent populist strains emanating from the encroaching poles of both ideological “extremes.”

Trump is riding that wave.  Clinton?  She’s getting washed away by it …

Don’t get us wrong.  We loathe unions: Always have, always will.  Like Big Government (and “Too Big To Fail” bailout recipients), Big Labor is a cancer on the free market – one that must be cut out if prosperity is to be achieved.

And while the Teamsters are flirting with Trump, we suspect the organization will ultimately wind up getting behind establishment Democrat Joe Biden in the event he jumps into the race.

Which is looking more likely …

Still, there is a growing acknowledgement at all points along the ideological spectrum that establishment candidates do not have the best interests of their core constituencies at heart.