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Consumer Comfort Approaches 2015 Lows




|| By FITSNEWS || On the heels of disappointing national income data, consumer comfort in the United States slipped this week.

Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index (CCI) – which measures consumer comfort on a scale of zero to 100 – dipped to 40.2, its second-lowest reading of the year.   Meanwhile consumers’ view of the national economy – one of three sub-indices which comprise the total – slipped to its lowest level of 2015.

“Worries about the national economy come as the Fed approaches decision time on interest rates,” analysts noted.  “While gas prices have fallen 34 cents since mid-August and unemployment is its lowest since 2008, wage growth remains stagnant and stock market volatility continues domestically and internationally alike.”

Wait … falling gas prices haven’t stimulated the economy?  Hmmmm.

And low unemployment isn’t stimulating it either?  Again … hmmmm.

Here’s the index …

consumer comfort

Here are its three subindices …

consumer comfort subindices

And perhaps most importantly, here’s a look at the evolution of economic optimism versus economic pessimism in our country right now …

consumer comfort economy

Produced by Langer Research Associates, CCI data is based on 1,000 national random-sample landline and cellular telephone interviews, 250 per week (in a four-week rolling average). It’s been compiled weekly since December 1985.

For the full report in .pdf form, click here.