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Samantha Ponder Is Hawking Energy Drinks



|| By FITSNEWS || Remember Samantha Steele? We do … wistfully.

She’s now Samantha Ponder, wife of recently released NFL quarterback Christian Ponder – who was cut by the Oakland Raiders this preseason after four hugely unproductive years with the Minnesota Vikings.

The ESPN sideline reporter is also the mother of Bowden Saint-Claire Ponder, a one-year-old girl who (get this) is named after former Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden (Christian Ponder’s college coach from 2008-10).

Yeah …  homegirl let her husband name their daughter after his football coach.

Anyway, in addition to pacing the sidelines on Saturdays, the 29-year-old blonde is the new spokeswoman for XYIENCE energy drinks …

As a new mom with a busy work and travel schedule, I used to rely on high calorie lattes to get me through the day. That’s why partnering with XYIENCE is the perfect fit for me. No sugar, no calories and it genuinely tastes great! XYIENCE gives me the energy I need to be the best wife, mom and broadcaster I can be.

Sheesh …

We’ve never understood why anyone would consume these beverages.  To be clear we’ve never tried this particular label, but our experience with energy drinks on the whole is that they look like urine, taste like acid and make you super jittery and hyper.

Nonetheless, by the power of Samantha Ponder, here is the obligatory link to this go-go juice …

Go forth and energize …