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Columbia’s “Mayor-In-Waiting” Wants Benefits For Politicians




|| By FITSNEWS || With the consequences of scandal reportedly closing in on Columbia, S.C. “mayorhood” Steve Benjamin, his heir apparent is sticking her hand in the taxpayer-funded cookie jar.

Tameika Isaac Devineno stranger to scandal herself – wants to give city council members new insurance benefits and salary increases.  She also wants to make council members eligible for government retirement benefits after just three terms of service (or 12 years).

All for a part-time job …

“I don’t believe anybody (on council) doesn’t actually believe we don’t deserve to be looking at an increase,” Devine told The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper recently. “We are tasked with looking at city staff. No one else is tasked with looking at us. And if we don’t look at us, we get ignored.”

City workers aren’t happy …

“Full-time employees have to work twenty-eight years for retirement benefits,” one employee told us.

Ah, political math … you gotta love it!

Devine is widely viewed as the frontrunner to become Columbia’s next mayor in the event Benjamin is forced to resign his office (or hatches some other exit strategy) in the aftermath of his, um, “issues.”

Frankly we’re amazed she still has a job after it was revealed her mother, Veronica Isaac, procured a 2009 “stimulus” loan – the proceeds of which went to build a new office for Devine’s law firm.

Talk about “shovel-ready.”

We’ve said it before we’ll say it again: Columbia, S.C.’s government is a thugocracy, pure and simple.  Its leaders should be in jail, not running a municipality.