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Letter: Taking Confederate Flag Down “Not Going To Help” SC



Dear Editor,

The decision to change the cosmetic character of a republic should be carried out by rational individuals. The selection of what should be observed as history in our republic should be discussed through the powers that be who are qualified to do that.

Our republic is made for everyone to settle with its history not for everyone to agree on it. Therefore, the Confederate Flag is a symbol in our rearview mirror that we have to look through on occasion to confirm that we are on the correct path to where we are supposed to be. We cannot let anyone who misinterprets our old flag raid us of the historical significance of a controversial period for all of the South and even America.

When we look back to the future that is off in the distance we can see that our Palmetto State flag can be marred by one of the worst hate crimes in American history and some of the worst ethical lapses on record by our elected officials in state history. So, we can never eradicate those mistakes at all from the public’s opinion and they are written as witnesses to what we need to improve on in our state. That is government ethics, racial relations, and unity amongst our citizens to help each other get to better days.

Taking down the flag because some people are misinterpreting, misusing, and misinforming themselves with non-comprehensive figures and facts is not going to help us emerge from the apparent abyss we are seen to be in this time.

Removing the flag from the State House grounds is proving our miseducation as citizens in illogical, irrational, and visceral discussions that will leave our state eluding the truth and as a consequence our dreams.


Jordan Cooper
Columbia, S.C.

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