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We Said What About Kenny Bingham?



|| By FITSNEWS || For those of you who missed it, one of the most powerful elected officials in South Carolina is suing this website.

Our attorneys have advised us to let our formal response to S.C. Rep. Kenny Bingham‘s lawsuit speak for itself, but we do have an obligation to continue covering the Lexington County lawmaker as he conducts the people’s business at the S.C. State House.

This week we’re actually giving Bingham some props … in fact our article on the current status of the school choice movement in South Carolina actually singles him and several other lawmakers out for praise.

Wait a minute … why would we give positive press to a lawmaker who hates our guts?  One who is literally coming after us with everything he’s got?

Because in this case he deserves it …

Expanding academic freedom in South Carolina is absolutely essential to our state’s economic future – and any lawmaker who antes up in support of bettering that future deserves our praise (no matter what we may think of them personally).

We’re sure we will have many opportunities to vent our spleens at Bingham in the future, but on this important issue he did some meaningful work and deserves credit for it.