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More “Limited Government” GOP Hypocrisy




|| By FITSNEWS || In case it wasn’t abundantly clear by now that the “Republican” party is not the party of limited government, we have a refresher from the state of Maryland …

“Despite recent gains around the country, civil asset forfeiture reform suffered a setback in Maryland when Gov. Larry Hogan (R) vetoed a bill that would have placed restraints on the state’s civil forfeiture regime,” The Cato Institute’s @Liberty blog noted.

What’s “civil asset forfeiture?” When government steals your property (i.e. houses, cars, money … anything) without first convicting you of committing a crime.  Or in many cases, stealing because someone committed a crime using your property without your knowledge.

This website has repeatedly railed on civil asset forfeiture at both the federal and state level.  It’s simply wrong – a violation of our most basic liberties.  Not only should it be outlawed, it should be eliminated.

Unfortunately the Maryland law – which would have capped seizure amounts at $300 and added other property protections for private citizens – was shut down by the state’s “Republican” governor.

Hogan’s logic in vetoing the law?  That it “would greatly inhibit” his state’s war on drugs …

Wow …

In case it’s not clear what’s happening here: Hogan is preserving one attack on freedom in the name of expanding another.

“Civil asset forfeiture is not merely susceptible to abuse; civil asset forfeiture is abuse,” Cato’s Adam Bates wrote.  “Under no circumstances should someone be forced to forfeit their money, property, or even their home to the government on suspicion alone.”

We concur wholeheartedly …

Shame on Hogan for embracing one form of fascism in the furtherance of another …