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Rick Quinn Looks To Block Judicial Pay Increase




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. Rep. Rick Quinn is leading an effort to block a proposed pay raise for South Carolina’s judges – even though they provide a core function of government (and even though they earn less than their peers around the country).

Sources in the S.C. House tell FITS Quinn is looking to have the raises stripped from the $25.7 billion budget – which remains in flux due to the drama surrounding an additional $400 million in surplus revenue.

According to the latest data, judges in general jurisdiction courts in the Palmetto State rank No. 32 nationally in terms of salary – while appellate court judges rank No. 30 and high court judges rank No. 37.

Personally, we have no problem with giving raises to judges and court officials.  After all, this is one of the few core functions which government ought to perform – and we have consistently called on core functions to be funded at appropriate levels.

Cops, clerks of court, judges, emergency responders, prison guards, etc. – these are the people we should be paying.

Quinn defended his attempt to remove the money, though, saying he didn’t think raises should be doled out at a time “when taxpayer’s personal income grows at less than three percent.”

Dude … try less than one percent.

We appreciate Quinn’s efforts to try and save taxpayers some money, but raises for judges makes sense to us because – unlike the overpaid “higher educrats” getting pay increases – they actually do something government is supposed to be doing.

UPDATE: According to Quinn, his efforts were successful.  “They backed down and took (the pay raises) out,” he told FITS, referring to House budget writers.