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Lowcountry Businessman Offers Reward To Whistleblowers




|| By FITSNEWS || A Lowcountry, S.C. businessman looking to clean up local governments in his neck of the woods has offered a $10,000 cash reward to whistleblowers – assuming their information pays off in the downfall of a corrupt official.

Skip Hoagland – who has been waging a non-stop war against public corruption in Beaufort County, S.C. – says the reward money will be paid in exchange “for any info that leads to the arrest and conviction of any local Chamber or Beaufort county employee including all town employees within Beaufort county.”

“At 67 and semi-retired I feel this is the best way to give back to our community,” Hoagland wrote in announcing his bounty. “The best way to end all conflict is get rid of those who violate all of us trying to make an honest living.”

No argument there … in fact we wish every county in the notoriously corrupt Palmetto State had a tenacious, anti-corruption advocate like Hoagland (with a wallet to back up his convictions).

Earlier this month, Hoagland and his network of informants exposed an unadvertised, government-funded summer internship program run by Beaufort County – one in which paid positions were given to the daughter and future son-in-law of a county bureaucrat.

The program was terminated by Beaufort County administrator Gary Kubic after a whistleblower complained to Hoagland.

“This is an abuse of power by public officials and an inappropriate expenditure of public funds,” the whistleblower wrote.  ” Whoever signed off on this needs to explain why this has been allowed, when it is clearly wrong.  Is it fair that employees at the bottom of the totem pole are punished for small personnel policy infractions, while managers can do as they please?”

Good question …

Having exposed some similar nepotism at the state level, we can appreciate small victories like this.  They don’t necessarily translate into huge taxpayer savings, but they send an important message to government officials.

That message? People are watching …