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Hurricane Season Is Here?




|| By FITSNEWS || Hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t officially start until June 1 … but somebody forgot to tell that to an area of low pressure that’s hovering off the Florida coast.

This storm system (above) hasn’t developed tropical characteristics yet, but there’s a good chance that could change …

In fact according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, there’s a forty percent chance these storms could develop into a cohesive tropical system over the next two days.  And if that happens, South Carolina is squarely in the “forecast track.”

Naturally, the possibility of a tropical system forming in early May must be due to “global warming,” right?  Because let’s face it … every weather reading/ phenomenon is due to global warming (according to its disciples).  And you’d better damn sure believe in global warming … or else.

But wait … what about Hurricane Alice?  That system formed on December 30, 1954 and reached category one status before dissipating a week later over the Caribbean.

So … was there “global warming” in the fifties, too?

Forecasters Dr. William Gray and Phil Klotzbach released their annual predictions this week and they’re calling for a quiet 2015 season – with seven named storms, three hurricanes and one major hurricane.

Why such little activity?  As it turns out, water temperatures are running below average … although (again) we’re sure that’s the result of “global warming.”

South Carolina has seen 23 hurricane landfalls since 1893 – the most infamous being Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Fortunately the state has avoided any direct hits from major storms since then, although there have been several close calls – including Hurricane Irene in 2011.

The record for the most named storms in a given hurricane season – which technically runs from June 1 through the end of October (with a September 10 peak) – is twenty-five (set in 2005).  The record for the fewest named storms?  Four – in 1983.