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Letter: Stand Up For U.S. Workers In Trade Deals




Dear Editor,

Like you, I’m worried that more of our good-paying American jobs could soon be sent overseas.

Within days, Congress will move to approve new trade agreements. But if Congress doesn’t also take action to strengthen our trade laws and stop currency cheating NOW, the United States will lose.

Join me in telling our Members of Congress to stand up for American workers in trade agreements.

Look — we know what the consequences of unfair trade practices have been for workers in America: closed factories, pink slips, broken dreams, and struggling communities. That’s why the debate over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership between the U.S. and 11 Asia-Pacific countries matters so much.

Japan, one of the TPP countries, has intervened in currency markets a whopping 376 times since 1991. This currency manipulation has helped drive an annual trade deficit of up to $70 billion in recent years.

How are American workers and manufacturers supposed to compete when the U.S. allows its trading partners to cheat?

Oh, by the way: America lost nearly 900,000 jobs due to the trade deficit with Japan in 2013 alone.

To make matters worse, our trade laws don’t do nearly enough to help businesses and workers get back up on their feet. Unless our trade laws are strengthened and enforcement is ramped up, the TPP will be a raw deal.

This has got to stop. Stand up for America and tell Congress to act to save our jobs.


scott paul

Scott Paul
President, Alliance for American Manufacturing