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Southern Charm: The Campaign Episode




|| By FITSNEWS || We’ll be honest.  Like a lot of other people, we have yet to watch an episode of Bravo TV’s reality show Southern Charm this year … which is apparently our loss.

“I’m telling you, you are missing prime time crazy sh*t,” our platonic compadre told us during this week’s episode – which revolved around former S.C. treasurer Thomas Ravenel‘s 2014 “comeback campaign” for the U.S. Senate.

Our founding editor encouraged Ravenel to run, promoted his candidacy and even served briefly as a volunteer advisor to his campaign.  Why?  Because we loathe U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham – whom we believe is every bit as nuts as Ravenel.  Also, the Ravenel we remembered running for office (and winning) in 2006 was a champion for free market conservatism – not to mention a disciplined campaigner.

Sadly, that man is gone … like, long gone.  Having been replaced by this guy.

Anyway, last night’s show documented the beginning of the end of Ravenel’s “comeback” – delving into a subject this website wrote about briefly last month.

Ravenel was polling in the low double-digits for much of his 2014 candidacy, but finished with less than four percent of the vote.

What happened?  Well, aside from his always eventful personal life, Ravenel chose to put his money into television commercials stressing socially conservative (“Fighting for our Families“) and pro-military (“Fighting for our Bases“) themes.  Those advertisements – distinctly at odds with Ravenel’s personality and his ideology – fell flat with voters.

Who advised Ravenel to pursue such an ill-fated strategy?  Good question.

The general consensus is that Ravenel was receiving advise from U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford‘s chief of staff Scott English – part of an effort orchestrated by supporters of Graham (who is the godfather of Sanford’s youngest son).

Ordinarily we wouldn’t have believed such a theory, but Sanford has been selling out left and right lately … so it’s not out of the question.

Of course Ravenel blames his defeat on our founding editor …

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.57.06 AM

Ha! Really?

We’ve actually heard Ravenel say that before … only to recant it the next day.

Anyway, last night’s Southern Charm episode involved the early stages of the Ravenel implosion – notably a dispute between his campaign manager Amy Lazenby (who was recently hired by Sanford) and Whitney Sudler-Smith over campaign strategy.  Sudler-Smith and his Hollywood friends had cut several hokey, unconventional political ads for Ravenel’s campaign – and Lazenby had successfully argued for them to be kept in a can.

Would it have made a difference which ads ran?

Probably not …

Ravenel was beyond unhinged during his campaign … making any advice offered to him pretty much pointless.

“Thomas’ campaign floundered for one reason and one reason alone: Thomas,” a source close to the campaign told FITS.

Indeed …