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Tax Day Scandal Brewing?




|| By FITSNEWS || Today is tax day … when tens of millions of Americans bend over and take it collectively, squarely and firmly where the sun doesn’t shine.  It’s an annual exercise in oxygen depravation for the U.S. free market – and for what?  So that increasingly unwieldy, unaccountable federal and state governments can continue pouring money into unsustainable entitlement obligations, dependency-inducing welfare statism, ill-conceived global interventionism and market-distorting corporate cronyism?

Yup.  That’s it.  So … what do we get out of all that?  Easy: The shaft.

Anyway, on this tax day there could be a major scandal brewing – one involving the administration of Barack Obama and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which was exposed two years ago for its discriminatory persecution of limited government groups.

(And which continues discriminating to this day).

According to the national advocacy group Cause of Action, the IRS scandal may be ongoing … and may have resulted in sensitive tax information being improperly obtained by the Obama White House.

Specifically, the group claims to have “uncovered an ongoing practice at the Department of Justice whereby Tax Division attorneys, some of whom have worked directly on IRS targeting matters, are assigned to the White House to provide legal advice to the President.”

Hmmmm …

Why is this important?

“This ongoing practice raises ethical and legal questions because of these attorneys’ access to confidential taxpayer returns and return information,” the group’s president Dan Epstein said. “The public deserves to know whether ethical and legal safeguards have been in place to prevent taxpayer information from getting into the wrong hands — especially when those who access that information work in the White House.”

That’s true …

Cause of Action will be filing public records requests in an effort to uncover more information on the alleged practice – with the goal of preventing “confidential taxpayer returns and/or return information … from being unlawfully accessed or disclosed.”