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Chuck Hagel Used Private Email For Public Stuff, Too



|| By FITSNEWS ||  Poor Chuck Hagel. Despite his best efforts, the former Secretary of Defense wasn’t sufficiently “warmongerish” for the administration of Barack Obama.  Which is why he’s a “former.”

He’s also the latest Obama cabinet member to get caught up in a scandal involving the use of personal email addresses for government business … which is prohibited by law unless such

In the aftermath of the mushrooming scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton – who used a private email server to conduct official business as U.S. Secretary of State – it was revealed this week by NBC Washington that Hagel conducted official business on a “down low” account, too.

“The White House emailed (Hagel) at a private email address during his time in charge of the Pentagon,” the station’s report found.

It added that “on at least one occasion, in October 2013, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough wrote to a group of US Cabinet Secretaries” using Hagel’s private email address.

Take a look …

chuck hagel

Nice …

Oh, and Obama’s new Secretary of Defense – Ashton Carter – also maintains separate accounts.