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Lawmakers: Nikki Haley Lying About Support For Ethics Bill




|| By FITSNEWS ||  For the second time in as many years, S.C. governor Nikki Haley is in hot water over her political management of ethics reform … which to be honest is something she shouldn’t even be addressing in the first place given her history on the issue.

But Haley – looking to continue her political rehabilitation – is dodging the lightning strikes and pressuring lawmakers to get on board with totally worthless legislation.  Which is exactly what she did last year.

And once again, the governor’s support for this totally worthless legislation is creating some serious political headaches for her …

Last year, Haley threatened a national gun rights group which opposed her so-called “ethics reform” legislation.   This group, the National Association of Gun Rights, argued it would have muzzled their political speech (which it would have done) – and so its leaders joined several statewide reform organizations in opposing it.

This year’s legislation? It includes the same muzzle … and as a result is receiving similar opposition.

However, Haley has told multiple fence-sitting state lawmakers that “all the reform groups” are with her this time.  In fact she has specifically mentioned by name several national and statewide organizations which she says are supporting her proposals … when in reality they are all in opposition.

According to our sources, things reached a boiling point this week when state lawmakers started calling around to verify Haley’s claims.

“What (Haley) said sounded strange so I made some calls – and no one backed her up,” one State Senator told FITS.

Not only that, reform leaders did not take kindly to Haley misrepresenting their position.

“Livid,” is how one lawmaker described a conversation with a national advocacy group leader.

Meanwhile one state reformer – Talbert Black of the S.C. Campaign for Liberty – was said to be especially miffed by Haley’s latest fabrication of the truth.

“He was indignant,” a lawmaker who spoke with Black told FITS.  “Very, very upset.”

Black’s group has made no bones of its opposition to Haley’s “ethics” bill.  In fact it has publicly called on State Senators to “oppose any move to reconsider” the legislation – which it calls an “unethical” proposal.

We agree …

The “ethics reform” Haley is pushing does nothing to solve the fundamental problem of state lawmakers policing themselves.  It does nothing to close loopholes on campaign spending.  And it does nothing to strengthen penalties for lawmakers who break the law.

Worse still, it creates a chilling effect on political speech by regulating certain types of issues advertisements.

This part of the “ethics reform” bill is a sop to powerful S.C. Senator Larry Martin, who was criticized during the 2012 election cycle by such ads – and is looking to silence any similar opposition moving forward.