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Southern Charm 2: The Insanity Is Back!




|| By FITSNEWS || New York-based Bravo TV has released a trailer for the second season of its reality television show Southern Charm – set in the historic city of Charleston, S.C. and starring Thomas Ravenel, one of the Palmetto State’s most um, colorful personalities.

The show – which features Ravenel’s disastrous 2014 U.S. Senate campaign as one of its main story lines – will air its first new episode on March 16 at 10:00 p.m.

Will Ravenel be watching?  It’s not clear … he recently weighed in less-than-favorably on the program (saying it was “full of lies and deceit” and that “any fool who watches it is an idiot”), but the former State Treasurer has frequently revisited such bold declarations.

For example he initially said he would not participate in a second season of the program, but later changed his mind.

Ravenel’s on-again, off-again girlfriend (and “baby momma”) – Kathryn Dennis – will also star in the second season.  In fact the 22-year-old redhead bombshell has been billed as a top cast member this go-round.

Southern Charm‘s first season averaged 1.3 million viewers an episode.  Its season finale – which aired on April 24 of last year – pulled in an impressive 1.6 million viewers.

Our founding editor Will Folks – who had a cameo appearance in the show’s first season – said the program was enjoyable mindless entertainment.

“Obviously it’s a train wreck – and its star is perpetually on the verge of a Randy Quaid-style meltdown,” Folks said. “But who isn’t gonna watch that? I mean come on.”

Other media outlets agree …

“We love to hate it, but we cannot wait,” The Charleston City Paper, a frequent critic of the show, noted in anticipation of the second season premiere.

So … what are viewers in store for?

Take a look …

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Sweet Lord in heaven …

And while we’re invoking the Almighty, let’s just be glad no infants were harmed in the making of this show.