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Letter: Blacks Squandering MLK’s “Dream”



Dear Editor:

All words are worthless not unless they are followed by action. That is what made our country special and what defined the civil rights movement. That energy to make a change to better your life and consequently change the world starts within you.

Yet, it all comes down to your thought making process and as humans we must realize life is a series of important choices. I have made some good ones and bad ones, but I have not let my mistakes make me. I think it is all about how you turn your negatives into positives then those positives into successes.

I had the unexpected occasion of making history when I was the first black to serve in the governor and lieutenant governor’s office in South Carolina and the first black to be a staffer on a Republican presidential campaign in South Carolina (being fortunate to serve Governors Nikki Haley, Rick Perry and lieutenant governor Andre Bauer respectively).

I still cannot fathom it and maybe never will.

However, I know that if I can make a contribution to society we all can for a lifetime. It just takes some determination. I am appalled by black graduates being more than doubly unemployed as whites. I am astounded that over half of our race commits the murders in America and are in jails in a higher proportion than any other ethnicity. I am disgusted that a higher proportion of our children are being born into broken homes, poverty, and government assistance than any other race.

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were able to speak supernaturally today he may be asking us when are we going to cherish the dream he got his heartbeat taken away for? Today, we have a president who happens to be black, but we still are in a very dark time. We hear wonderfully sounding speeches with little pulse to show that we are grateful for those who came before us to pave the way. Black America is in a coma and the only things that can awaken it is work ethic, college degrees, and most of all godly principles. Our reliance on faith and optimism will without a doubt be a key to attaining prosperity in America.

It is high time we be prepared to receive our blessings.

Jordan Cooper
Columbia, S.C.


sic speaking

Jordan – This website agrees with you regarding the administration of Barack Obama.  And we have said so.  Now, I would point out that I served under Henry White – who is black – in the gubernatorial administration of Mark Sanford from 2003-2005.  Are you saying you are the first black person to serve in both the governor and lieutenant governor’s office?