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Petty. Little. Lawmakers.




|| By FITSNEWS ||  In years past, we’ve referred to the annual convening of the S.C. General Assembly as taxpayer-funded adult day care.  How come?  Well, because it works like this: Taxpayers give 170 thin-skinned, intellectually incurious, ethically challenged, special interest-fed lawmakers roughly $25 billion to spend each year – and in return they receive a shrinking workforce, anemic incomes, abysmal roads and the worst government-run school system in America.

What a deal!

Anyway, last month we wrote about the open rebellion against one of the day care’s ringleaders – S.C. Rep. Bill Sandifer.  A liberal “Republican,” Sandifer is widely ridiculed by his colleagues for his short fuse and over-inflated sense of self.

“This guy has the thinnest skin, biggest ego and shortest temper of any lawmaker in Columbia, which is saying something if you’ve spent any time around the S.C. State House,” we wrote recently.

Unfortunately, Sandifer is the head of the House’s labor, commerce and industry (LCI) committee – which is responsible for approving all business-related bills.  In other words he’s got some clout.

But Sandifer has also been rocked by scandal … (past and present) … and is reportedly one of the top targets of an ongoing federal and state investigation into corruption at the S.C. State House.

For these reasons, Sandifer was challenged for the chairmanship of the powerful LCI committee last month – and was forced to rely on votes from Democrats and liberal “Republicans” to maintain his increasingly tenuous grip on power.

At the time, Sandifer vowed to work with those who challenged him – telling them “there will not be retribution.”

And there wasn’t retribution … although it apparently wasn’t for Sandifer’s lack of trying.

According to S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman (as quoted by The Nerve), “Sandifer went to new House Speaker Jay Lucas … and demanded that Norman and five others who opposed Sandifer’s chairmanship be removed from the committee.”

Sandifer denied the charge …

“Mr. Norman, let me stop you for a second,” Sandifer said. “That conversation never occurred.”

“You deny it took place?” Norman asked.

“Exactly,” Sandifer said. “I am denying it, and I told you in this room in our earliest meeting that there would be no retribution toward any member.”

The exchange went on, but … we honestly lost interest.  And so should you.  Because it’s ridiculous.

We’re not sure what’s more pathetic: On the one hand we have a state lawmaker trying (and failing) to take revenge against his opponents – and then lying about it when he’s confronted.  On the other hand we have a lawmaker bitching and moaning about the attempted retribution.

Seriously, guys … and you wonder why people are so fed up with politics? 

Both of these lawmakers need to grow up … although we realize that’s probably asking too much at this stage of the game.

Sandifer, especially, needs a refresher in humility – although judging by his parting quote in The Nerve‘s article we’re guessing that’s not going to happen.

“I can look in the mirror every day, and the guy looking back at me agrees with me every day,” he said.

Wow … good to know that’s the guy entrusted with such an influential post.