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About That USC Trustee Arrest …




By FITSNEWS  ||  University of South Carolina trustee Chuck Allen wasn’t drunk when he was detained by a S.C. Highway patrolman at 3:00 a.m. on December 18 following a collision – he was having a medical emergency.

At least that’s what the prominent Anderson, S.C. attorney told his hometown paper, The Anderson Independent-Mail.

Specifically, Allen says he suffered from a “hypertensive episode seizure” on the morning of his arrest.  Oh … Allen’s story also involves one of our favorite foods of all-time: The chicken wing.

Allen’s arrest – first reported online by FITS – was picked up by the Independent-Mail  three days later.  Since then, numerous outlets have covered the story … relying heavily on a police report filed in the aftermath of the incident by S.C. Highway patrolman Edward Clark.

According to Clark, he responded to a dispatch report on the collision in Anderson County – at which point he found the USC trustee in the driver’s seat of his Chevy Silverado eating chicken wings.

What flavor?  Sadly, the report doesn’t specify …

Anyway, Clark proceeded to ask Allen what happened …

“He replied, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying as his speech was mumbled,” the patrolman wrote in his report.

“I asked Mr. Allen several more times what was going on,” Clark’s report added.  “He continued to eat and did not respond to my questions.”

In Allen’s defense, chicken wings are absolutely delicious … so …

Following his arrest, Allen was transported to a local hospital where he refused evaluation.  He was then booked at the local detention center and released on his own recognizance.