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Palmetto State Drivers Are Nation’s Worst




By FITSNEWS  ||  In a state widely regarded for its successful breeding of ignorance, no one should be surprised to learn that South Carolina’s stupidity extends to the highways.

The Palmetto State – which leads the nation in mobile homes – also leads the nation in “mobile morons.”  In fact according to data compiled by Car Insurance Comparison, South Carolina and Montana tied for this auspicious “honor.”

Obviously this comes as no shocker to FITS readers, but the methodology behind this report is interesting.  Car Insurance Comparison based its data on fatality rates, failure to obey (i.e. not stopping at stop signs), drunk driving arrests, speeding citations and careless driving citations.

In other words it’s a ranking that takes into account a lot of different metrics …

For those of you keeping score at home, South Carolina ranked No. 1 in fatalities, No. 5 in careless driving and No. 8 in drunk driving – meaning we scored in the top (well, bottom) ten in three different categories.

Yikes …