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Joe McCulloch Is Purging His Christmas Card List




By FITSNEWS  ||  Politics is a game of addition … well, assuming you’re any good at it.

Liberal shyster Joe McCulloch? He’s terrible at it … but his middle school ineptness could result in a few Midlands, S.C. families seeing one fewer self-promotional political Christmas Cards this year.

The twice-defeated trial lawyer is reportedly inconsolable following his second straight loss to S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay in the battle for S.C. House District 75 – one of the few competitively drawn districts in the S.C. House of Representatives.

McCulloch ran one of the most negative and outright deceptive campaigns we’ve ever seen – yet he lost by a bigger margin than when President Barack Obama was at the top of the ticket.  It wasn’t just Obama either … McCulloch benefited in 2012 from the most egregious example of election fraud we’ve ever seen.  And it still wasn’t enough.

No wonder he’s crestfallen …

In searching for someone to blame other than himself, McCulloch has told some of his friends and acquaintances that he was looking through Finlay’s financial disclosure reports and writing down the names off donors who “betrayed” him.

You know as opposed to the geniuses who supported his bid financially …

Wow …

In looking at McCulloch’s disclosure documents – which have been amended beyond recognition – it appears as though he hadn’t paid for his negative blitzkrieg at the time of the final pre-election disclosure.   So yeah … we’ll be very interested to see his filings for the current period.  Did McCulloch “back-load” his expenditures to make it look like he had unencumbered money in the bank?  And was this part of an effort to make his candidacy appear stronger than it was?

We shall see … either way it’s safe to say we probably won’t be getting Christmas cards from McCulloch this year.