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Milwaukee Police Chief Goes Off




By FITSNEWS || Here’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin police chief Edward Flynn going off on critics of his department in the wake of a controversial police shooting.

Flynn’s comments – directed at what one of our readers referred to as “the black underclass subculture” – have gone viral due to their impassioned bluntness.

The drama started last month when Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney (who is white) shot and killed 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton (who is black).   Flynn canned Manney in the wake of the shooting (taking heat from the local union in the process), but that wasn’t enough to satisfy protesters – many of whom showed up at a subsequent public meeting to give him fresh hell.

During that meeting, Flynn was widely rebuked by protesters for checking his cell phone – which was perceived by them as a sign of disrespect for the victim (and the black community in general).

Flynn, as seen in the video clip below, was having none of it … especially given the reason he was checking his cell phone.

“I was on my phone, yes. That is true,” he said in the clip.  “I was following developments about a 5-year-old girl sitting on her dad’s lap who just got shot in the head by a drive-by shooting.  If some of the people gave a good goddamn about the victimization of people in this community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously.”

“The fact is that the people out here – some of them who have the most to say – are absolutely MIA when it comes to the true threats facing this community,” Flynn continued. “It gets a little tiresome when you start getting yelled at for reading the updates for the kid who got shot? Yeah. You take it personally.”

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Flynn is well regarded by those in law enforcement.

“Ed Flynn is cop’s cop, but (he’s) also a genius in regard to intelligence-led policing and community policing,” one of our sources in the business told us.

Flynn’s comments have been celebrated by the “conservative” media as a “takedown” of black leaders.  Meanwhile the liberal website Gawker referred to those celebrating Flynn’s remarks as “racist sh*theads.”

Our take?  Flynn is speaking the truth.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Sort of like we were speaking the truth recently when we ripped the administration of Barack Obama for its failure to improve the lot of black America.

Facts are, as the expression goes, stubborn things …

Here’s the bottom line: The more we ascribe race as the reason for things happening (or more accurately, the more we let race color our perception of the world in the wake of events like this), the less likely we are to arrive at the truth.  Sure there are plenty of racist people out there (some of whom commit racially motivated crimes) – but using their actions (or what we perceive to be their actions) as grist to run down white or black Americans is ridiculous.