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Trikki Trick, Trikki Trick …




By FITSNEWS || At this point, you’d think South Carolina Democrats would have learned not to make comments comparing “Republican” S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley to a “whore.”  Or comments which could be interpreted as calling Haley a whore.

Whether it’s true or not …

Apparently not, though …

As the scandal over Democratic gubernatorial Vincent Sheheen‘s “inadvertent,” um “garbled words” continued to mushroom on the national stage, a South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) staffer took to Twitter in an ill-wagered attempt to put the Halloween holiday in perspective.

“Allow me to put the election in Halloween terms for you,” SCDP staffer Gracie Aylmer tweeted. “‘Trick’ is to Nikki Haley as ‘treat’ is to (Vincent Sheheen).”

Whoa … a “trick,” of course is a term synonymous with a prostitute.  Which is what Sheheen “inadvertently” called Haley last week … prior to laughing about it with supporters.

Which apparently hurt Haley’s feelings (the laughter).

According to our sources Aylmer is a field organizer for the SCDP …

Aylmer’s tweets are protected, although a reader provided FITS with a screenshot of the tweet …

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Is this a big deal?

No … “whore-gate” already blew up in Sheheen’s face.  And did so at the very worst possible time for his already less-than-impressive candidacy.